I have been applying to Healing Rooms UK with the following link to set up a healing room in Doncaster.

A few of us went to see the healing room in Halifax and also went on one of their training courses in Hull. I am also planning to go to their National Conference in April.

I believe there is a real possibility of one starting this year, the Lord willing. If I can get more Christians interested in Healing in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Please watch the video in the Food Hall Corn Exchange, could this be the place for a healing room ?


My Work continues on the streets in the market area during the winter because i believe its important to be available and faithful but as you can imagine I only get a few requests for prayers.


I had two memorable conversations this Month.

A lady came and said she admired me being in the market, but she had lost her faith. I said faith comes by listening to the word of God. I shared my simple gospel message and gave her a ” why Jesus ” booklet by Nicky Gumbel and a new testament. Pray she reads them and the Holy Spirit Speaks to her need.

I also prayed for a guy addicted to alcohol. He said he had faith in Christ but could not break the habit. I sensed He was lonely and needed some good fellowship in a church which I pointed Him too. I prayed against the Spirit that was holding Him, The Habit would break, as He resisted in Christ.


I prayed on the streets for 3 people.

First a retired Lady, we had a long talk and she said she had diabetes, So I gave her a prayer cloth so she can hold it for the Lords blessing.

Second I prayed for a guy who had a sudden fall due to weakness and unable to walk. He was taken to DRI and is still consulting with the doctors to what happened. I prayed for Him.

Third prayed for a lady Lady who lives in a flat and is getting aggravation from a neighbour. I spoke words of comfort to her.


This month so far I have approached from a young Lady who is a Christian but need extra prayers for an emotional problem and time to talk to a complete stranger.

I am holding a meeting again in the Woolmarket Sat 26th 11am on the long tables for anybody how wants to Know more about the Holy Spirit.


This last month July I have had two people who came to talk with me about Jesus. Fist Daniel to whom I presented the Gospel and give hin a new testament. Then Horis an older man who wanted to know more about what I was doing. I presented the gospel to Him. and He accepted the Good News Paper. and my phone number.

Then a guy who i will not name, came and actually sat on one of my two seats. He was a Christian but is having difficulties with a mental problem. and trying now to recover back to normal life.

I just want to be available for people who find life difficult.


During my time on Saturday the 20th May in the Woolmarket we discussed together ” Can Jesus Christ heal today “.

Many people fail to believe that with the start of the church at Pentecost the Holy Spirit gave Spiritual gifts to his body the Church. Theses gifts included Healing, even though it is well documented in the bible. It was Jesus’s own ministry and He asked his disciples to heal the sick as well.

I believe the Holy Spirit works outside the building and wants to show people the relevance of Jesus Christ to normal everyday people. There is a power in the Name of Jesus which can work wonders in a persons life.